Carrowkeel Megalithic Cemetery

The Carrowkeel Megalithic Site is found near the village of Castlebaldwin in County Sligo. It is an ancient passage tomb cemetery, comprising 14 fascinating cairns built between 3200 and 2400 BC.

The megalithic site includes 14 passage cairns, most of which are round in shape and contain limestone slabs. The tombs date from 3200 to 2400 BC.

Carrowkeel also boasts 140 circular stone foundations, which are thought to be the remains of a prehistoric village.

Like the other passage tomb clusters in Ireland, the Carrowkeel complex has a distinctive atmosphere and environmental setting. The landscape which the monuments appear to celebrate is not only unique in Ireland for its geology, but for the outstanding drama of its cliffs and glacial valleys. The complex is distinguished by its degree of preservation, which is remarkable in a European context. Significantly, no modern reconstruction work has been carried out there, as occurred at other megalithic complexes such as Locmariaquer in Brittany, or in the Boyne Valley.

Carrowkeel, Castlebaldwin, Co Sligo
distance from carrick:
37 min (34.8 km) via N4
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